Here are some of the videos we have mentioned above.


Here are a few pictures from a few of the seances we have done here.


Hi, you might know me from Ghost Adventures After Shocks...I was portrayed as "Possessed" come judge for yourself and meet me in person here at my home on... I have put together a Very Special Paranormal Investigation Event here at "The Oman House", This October I have the opportunity to be able to investigate my home on Cielo Dr. and still unlike other Ghost Hunts All is included, a Tour of my house and history about the Tate Murders and full investigation of The Oman House, a Seance, Good Food and Drink  All for .   We start at 8:00 pm and finish at 3:00 am. Ghost Adventures was here and they left in a hurry but you can investigate the place that Zak, Aaron and Nick went in the season 9 premiere episode...come investigate for yourself..also seen on GA's After Shocks. The Oman house has been seen Ghost Hunters, My Ghost Story, Paranormal Witness, Haunted History, Ghost Adventures ( )  and Aftershocks. If you interested in coming along a real life Ghost Investigation like the ones on TV but better because your in it!, than this is your chance. We have a shuttle bus and location to park your cars. See and experience first hand the Oman house a very active location with the spirits. Take a look at the videos shot here at  March 13th 2015 Ghost Video in Earthen Wall Room   Here is a video from the last ghost hunt

After you purchase your tickets we will send you the info on where to go to park and details

Please if you have your own paranormal investigative equipment that you would try out here please feel free to bring it. For those who have limited experience with Ghost Hunting we shall provide everyone with a piece of equipment to use during the investigations and support to help you. My friendly support staff will show you the ropes of investigating as well.

We have a base station where the 16 HD 1080p infrared video cameras in The Oman House and 6 HD cameras in the 2nd House and 2 outside...all of which are shown on our 84" HD screen large to show exactly what is going on in all parts of the house. After I lead you on the tour of the house, you will have the opportunity to investigate the home by yourself or with one of our staff and do EVP sessions and video the activity. We have our investigation team on the ghost hunt in the house if you like and 1 of the mediums will also be a part of the investigation as well. You can go and be part of the group that can watch upstairs at the HQ to see the infrared video during the investigation. 

Some links to the back story about the house...

World Renowned Parapsychologist Barry Taffs write up:

Savana X whose experience on one of the investigation/tours is documented here

Answers the Question:Why Go to The Oman House 

Davids Youtube Channel with videos of prior investigtations

  Please if you have your own paranormal investigative equipment that you would try out here please feel free to bring it.