"Jeff Mandel writes, produces and directs film and television. He has written comedy for National Lampoon and Modern Mirth.  He met actress and writer, Kashmir White and they began collaborating. In 2005, unexplained personal events drove them to seek out paranormal investigator, Barry Taff who they agreed to meet at David Oman's house.  Jeff and David instantly bonded over their mutual interest in writing and filmmaking.  For the next four and a half years David welcomed Jeff and his partner, Kashmir White, to his house almost every week to hang out, watch movies, have dinner and also document the Cielo home's paranormal activity. Jeff Mandel and Kashmir White have been guests on various paranormal shows, radio and podcasts most notably, Ghost Hunters and Paranormal Witness which, in a series first, actually utilized their personal video and audio recordings of  phenomena."

Jeff Mandel and Kashmir  Producer