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Had a great time, David!

Always a great time, and David is a very entertaining and gracious host. The house is very active, but I've never seen anything negative there.

Here is the moment during the séance where a disembodied voice is heard saying "fall" then a moment later, an object in the room falls over.

Awesome !!! smile emoticon
 It was a fantastic evening! CAN'T wait to visit again! Thanks David.

Please check out David Oman's new website! Check for info for the upcoming investigation nights! David is awesome, and his house does not disappoint!

Finally on the way home. What a night at the Oman house for the paranormal investigation tours. I only got one picture from tonight but there was much more going on that was caught on the cameras set up in the home. As soon as clips from that are posted, I will post them. Thanks to those that watched the live feed from tonight. Here is the one photo I got from the David Oman house tonight.

Hey David Oman, Aaron and I would like to thank you for another great and interesting evening! Good to see you,Steve Hembree, Phillip Pearse & Lilia Carreon Willis!!
Hope you have a good investigation this evening!

Just got back from investigation at David Oman House. It was a strange fun evening. Will put an episode together from this along with entrance way to location where Manson murders took place. Great way to end my time in LA. David was a great host and made his home welcoming to all guests.

EVP we caught in the Jack Johnson room of‪ #‎davidomanhouse‬ Sounds "It's hear or "It's near." David Oman House investigation this weekend. Check it out if you haven't. 

David Oman House Always a good time.. with Christopher Fleming

Had an amazing time last night! Got to learn and investigate the history and paranormal at the famous David Oman house! Thank you so much for letting us into your home and and the awesome night!

 David has countless guests in his home for Ghost Tours. No one is seriously hurt, no one is disappointed and all are welcomed with hospitality better than the continental breakfast at a Courtyard Marriott.

Can't wait to watch this David Oman! This is one of the investigations that scared and shook up Zak and the team!Do you all remember when the Ghost Hunter's were here at DavidOman's house? A truly talented guy named Chris Fleming came with them. Watch this epic episode

It sounds like I caught Gwendolyn a few times on voice recordings Friday night at David Oman's house during the 9:46 seance. I'm cleaning it up while trying to make sense of it. It seems to be reacting to Lilia in a way too.

These girls screamed so loud when the Beetlejuice figurine fell and hit the ground that David Oman came running up to see what happened. http://ustre.am/_43pLx:2yLe

As of last night David Oman had 3 spots available- I highly recommend going.

Great end to a crappy work day visiting The Oman House investigation- thank you David Oman for your hospitality! 

This was taken at David Oman's house after Ghost Adventure Crew was there. Zak Beggens said in his new book David's house was not haunted. My A** it's not. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8hYGW4xr0Mo

FYI- David is having a Ghost-Hunt at his home (where the Sharon Tate murders happened) in March. Anyone interested please respond to him by tagging his name in a response, myself or Mable. David is an awesome host, and his Ghost-Hunts are always an experience that you will long remember.

Would love to visit all of these Real Haunted Houses! They left out one though, the David Oman house ♥ David's house is number 1 on my list to visit :)

Was watching the rerun of Ghost Adventures Season 9, Episode 1 The David Oman House. I still have to laugh. I've been to Dave's house 5 times, investigated for 6 hours each time and NOTHING bad happened to me. Those guys ran out of the house like little girls. I thought Zack was suppose to be some big tough guy? I got GREAT evidence at the house, both photographic and audio. NEVER got scratched, NEVER felt 'weird', in fact I had an amazing time. It's like paranormal Disneyland! If I lived in LA, I'd go again!

Don't forget to watch...been there myself..David Oman..Awesome host..you every get a chance take him up on offers to visit

2 similar energies , the 1st 1 was at the David Oman house in 2014 , 2nd at the Suicide bridge in Pasadena this past weekend.

THE David Oman HOUSE 
Book your spot for the investigation now.
I'll provide links in comments section for more info, but if your in California this is a MUST!!!!!

SHOOT NICK? Nick from Ghost Adventures? (GA had recently completed a show at Davids home...is that what the spirit is saying in this EVP?
I was just reviewing some of our photos and videos from the Seance we had at the home of David Oman in honor of the 43rd anniversary of the Tate muders...what do you think?

David Oman..home is very active..if you get a chance to go investigate do it..i did...it was so awesome..besides your time travel back to old Hollywood you'll have a wonderful and even hair raising experience.

David Oman last night I met a 2nd person who attended your home investigations.....
What a "small world" -- :)

We visited the Oman House on Friday. We witnessed the figures falling off of the mantle, in excess of 11 times. At the end of the night, one Beetlejuice figurine flew two feet off of the mantle, with such force, breaking off the head and one arm. I will post my full paranormal report soon.

Thank you David Oman for a great evening hanging at your house!

Headed to Beverly Hills to spend the evening at David Omans once again tonight!

I'm getting ready to go to the David Oman house for the 2nd time. I can't wait

Great night tonight guys! Thanks to David Oman, Chris Fleming, Steve Hembree, Phillip Pearse, Jacob Cadena,Lilia Carreon Willis and all the guests. It was wonderful meeting all the new friends, too!

Had a dime apport on request into Chris Fleming's pocket during a Spirit Box session at David Oman 's house last night. The spirits' said they did it through "thought" and "God" They never cease to amaze! Don't lose that dime, Chris!

I'm getting ready to go to the David Oman house for the 2nd time. I can't wait

I've been to Dave Oman's house several times. Spent hours upon hours investigating there and having an amazing time. Nothing bad or evil ever happened to me there, like it did for Nick Groff of Ghost Adventures. 

We visited the Oman House on Friday. We witnessed the figures falling off of the mantle, in excess of 11 times. At the end of the night, one Beetlejuice figurine flew two feet off of the mantle, with such force, breaking off the head and one arm. I will post my full paranormal report soon.

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