Michael and Marti Parry
(affectionately known as the ParryNormals)

Acclaimed husband and wife mediums, Michael and Marti work together as a team, changing the lives of
the living, one soul at a time. Michael relays messages directly from friends and relatives that have
passed on to the other side with amazing personal insight such as names, dates, occupations, personal
traits and more, leaving no room for doubt that our departed loved ones are with us.

Marti independently draws detailed recognizable portraits of people in spirit to further prove the existence of
life after physical death. Apart from connecting the living with their deceased loved ones, other areas of
their work cover solving cold cases, helping find missing persons & unraveling mysteries of the past.
Michael and Marti have been featured on the SciFi Channel's “Proof Positive”, A&E’s
“Paranormal State”, The Biography Channel’s “Psychic Investigators” and “My Ghost Story,
and The Travel Channel’s “Ghost Adventures”

Michael, a British evidential medium, has studied metaphysics for over 40 years and lectures on a
myriad of subjects. Marti is a professional artist. Her first portrait from the other side, drawn in 1997,
was immediately recognized and evidenced by a photo. They have been working together since that first
portrait and have clients from around the world.

Our website: https://www.spiritart.com